New Rowan Online Students

Let's get started! This page is for both brand new Rowan Online students and current Rowan students who are taking a Rowan Online course for the first time. If you have recently registered for a Rowan Online course that uses our online technologies or have matriculated into one of our online or blended programs, you have arrived at the right place. Here are the next steps you need to take (Follow the instructions carefully):


Quick Tip: Getting around is easy using the breadcrumb links at the top of this page. Click here for an example.


  1. Get Prepped! Learn about our Rowan Online Orientation course. Sign up for a live Q & A session, or watch a recently recorded session.
  2. Check Your Status. Run the Student Account Check to review the status of your account.
  3. Get Activated! If your Rowan Network account is ready, activate it to set your password.


  Rowan Online Orientation
Learn about Rowan Online Orientation course
and live Q &A Sessions.
  Student Account Check
Check if your account is ready to access
the Portal. Have your Banner ID (What is this?) handy.
  Account Activation
Instructions for activating your Rowan Account
for the first time.


  1. Get Started! Start using your account! Visit the Rowan Online Portal main page and click Login.
  2. Don't Stop! If got this far successfully, that's great news! But you're not done yet. Once logged in to the Portal, you'll need to complete the Rowan Online Orientation course (from step 1) and prepare for your first course. If you run into technical problems, visit the Support Center for answers.


Best of luck with your first Rowan Online experience!