Rowan Account Activation

To activate your Rowan Network Account (set the password for the first time):

  1. Launch the Rowan Accounts page by clicking on the Rowan Accounts Access page link below (when you're ready).
  2. On the Rowan Accounts page, click the "I *DO NOT* know my username or password, or my account is locked" button.
  3. Read the instructions very carefully. Follow the user verification procedures as indicated.
  4. Note that on the last page, you have FOUR options. You must choose the following:
    • Reset your Rowan Network Password: This will allow you to setup your password for the first time or recreate (if lost at some point in the future) a new Rowan Network Account password.
  5. After you receive confirmation of the completed process, you can attempt to use your account to log into the CGCE Portal and related services.


Click here to launch the Rowan Network Account Access page.