CGCE Course Request Policy

Any instructor teaching a College of Graduate & Continuing Education (CGCE) Extension course that wishes to have a course shell available in CGCE’s Canvas system must complete and submit this request form. Extension courses are easily identified as having a letter in the section number (for example, section 1C). For questions regarding this form and services provided by CGCE Division of Online Services, please submit a tech support request on the CGCE Portal at Help for using this Course Request process is also available under Resources after logging in to the CGCE Portal.


NOTE: Course Sections with a session designation of online or hybrid do not need to make this request. Such courses are automatically exported and actively managed by CGCE Division of Online Services.


All requests for Course Sections in CGCE’s Learning Management System (LMS) are granted contingent on the following:

  • Limitation of Online Contact Hours. A course section delivered through the CGCE with a Session Type designation of Evening, Day, or Weekend must not supplement more than 29% of its face-to-face meetings with online content. For some Academic Programs, other restrictions may apply. Please consult CGCE Academic Services for details on your program.
  • Auto-Approved Requests. Requests for individual course sections to be exported to the LMS are automatically approved and will become available in the system within 12 hours of your request during the work week. Requests made on Saturday or Sunday will be processed by noon on the following Monday.
  • Special Requests, such as any requests that involve the cross-listing or merging of multiple sections will be exported pending approval from CGCE Division of Online Services. Requests are reviewed and decisions are issued within two (2) working days. Cross-listed courses must have the same start and end date.
  • Advance Access for Instructors. Requests to export courses may be made in advance if the course is posted in the Banner system. Requests may be made up to and including the day of the official end date of the course as posted in Banner. After the course has officially ended, it will not be available for export. Note that advanced access is available for Instructors only; students are not permitted to access the course more than 5 days prior to the start date posted in Banner.
  • Requests to Extend Section End Date. All courses will remain available to instructors and students in the Canvas system for a period of 90 days after the official end date of the course as posted in Banner. After the 90 day period, the course will be disabled and archived (details on this process are described under course archives). Instructors may request an extension to the course end date at any time prior to the official end date + 90 days to extend the availability of the course in Canvas. Requests for extensions are granted pending approval from the CGCE Division of Online Services. Written approval from your academic unit supervisor or Dean may be requested as part of the approval process.
  • Access to Official Course in LMS. Upon approval, instructors will be issued a course shell in CGCE’s LMS for each exported course section. This is the official shell in which students will be enrolled (that is, this is not a Development shell). Students can access the contents of the shell 5 days prior to the official course start date. The instructor will be issued Designer level permissions to the course shell.
  • Support and Training. Within two (2) business days of your request, a CGCE Instructional Designer will contact the primary instructor to offer assistance in design, development, training, and technical support for the course. Working with the Instructional Designer is optional and proceeds only at your request. Requests are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis and are managed based on priority.
  • Template. All course shells are pre-loaded with the CGCE LMS Requested Course Template. Instructors are encouraged to use this template as a base for their course and have access to edit the template to suit their needs.
  • Course Design. All course design including organization, layout, and use of tools and technology are the sole responsibility of the instructor.
  • Course Shell Size Limit. As of the SUMMER 2012 (starting 5/8/2012) Semester, all courses using CGCE’s LMS will have a 200 MB max size limit. To host materials that will require more space, please contact your assigned instructional designer who will assist you in hosting materials on our media server.
  • Advanced Support. Instructors in need of more advanced Instructional Design services (i.e. assistance with development of course materials, lectures, digital multi-media, replacement of face-to-face meetings, etc.) must request for such a minimum of 30 days prior to the official start of the course.
  • Technology. When offered by CGCE, Instructional Design and Technical support services will be limited to the use of equipment and software that is licensed, provided, and supported by the CGCE Division of Online Services. Instructors will be required to provide self support for unapproved third party technology, equipment, and software. The choice to provide support for said technology is at the discretion of the CGCE Division of Online Services.
  • Copyright. Instructors are responsible for obtaining the appropriate copyright permission for the use of any third-party documents or works, including digital multi-media, housed within their respective course(s) in CGCE’s LMS and related systems.
  • Use of Student/Instructor Created Video. The course instructor must ensure the legal use and portrayal of all subjects in non-commercial digital video and related multi-media that is slated to be hosted on CGCE’s LMS or related systems. No video can contain the images or portrayal of subjects, especially minors, without being accompanied by the proper consent documentation. The instructor must take reasonable precautions such that said video does not indemnify Rowan University, its subsidiaries and employees. Upon request, the instructor must provide to CGCE any waivers or subject consent forms.
  • Elimination of Face-2-Face Class Meetings. For courses where the instructor intends to replace any portion of face-to-face class meeting time with online content, the CGCE retains the right to subject the course materials to review and approval by a CGCE Instructional Design staff member for quality control purposes. CGCE will inform the instructor of any specific requirements for course design in advance. CGCE will provide complete Instructional Design service and support for this review process.
  • Right of Waiver. CGCE requirements, policies, or standards may be waived by written agreement between the CGCE Director of Online Services and authorized administration (including but not limited to an instructor’s Department Chair, program coordinator, Dean, or Dean of CGCE).
  • Evaluation. CGCE does not offer online or electronic peer and/or students evaluations for courses that are not Online or Hybrid. Instructors are expected to make arrangements for in-class evaluations.
  • Importing Existing Course Materials. At the instructor’s request, CGCE will attempt to import a course or materials from another system for use with a CGCE course. CGCE cannot guarantee import success, nor does it take responsibility for import failure.
  • Course Archives. All CGCE courses are archived and kept on file. Instructors who have taught a CGCE course in CGCE LMS in the past may request to have previous course materials made available. However, course materials not housed within CGCE’s LMS are not archived or maintained by CGCE. Instructors are strongly encouraged to keep a personal back-up copy of the course and all related materials.
  • Student Support. CGCE provides 24x7 technical support for students enrolled in courses in CGCE’s LMS. Students must follow the prevailing CGCE Technical Support protocol to receive support. Instructors are encouraged to enforce this protocol and make it available to students in their courses.

Use of CGCE technology, support and instructional design services, and related resources is subject to the approval of the Division of Online Services, is a privilege granted to instructors who use said facilities and resources in accordance with this policy, and may be revoked at any time and at the discretion of the Director of the CGCE Division of Online Services.

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