Web Site Changes Coming Monday March 9th

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On Monday March 9th, Rowan Global Learning & Partnerships (formerly CGCE) will launch its new web site at rowanu.com. While the Rowan CGCE portal will remain as is, some changes will be made to information on rowanonline.com. For details, click


The College of Graduate & Continuing Education (CGCE) merged with the Camden campus in late 2014 to become the Division of Global Learning & Partnerships (Rowan Global). All services and offerings related to graduate education and undergraduate degree completion as well as non-credit/professional development managed by the prior College of Graduate & Continuing Education now reside in Rowan Global. On Monday, March 9 a new website http://rowanu.com will be launched to reflect the creation of this new division. After Monday, March 9 the http://rowancgce.com site will no longer be available. Current students will continue to access the Rowan Online (CGCE) Portal at http://rowanonline.com. Current users of the portal will notice some changes as we eliminate information related to perspective programs, admissions, and tuition, and related areas. The Portal will remain as is and its operation will be unaffected.

For more information about he new rowanu.com site, please contact the Rowan Global Division of Marketing & Enrollment Management, global@rowan.edu, 856-256-4747.

For technical support or information about the Rowan Online Portal at rowanonline.com, please submit a support ticket or contact Rowan Online at 856-256-5164.

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