Technology Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

  • Each student must have access to a typically configured personal computer and the Internet. The computer and Internet connection must meet or exceed the minimum CGCE Technology Requirements as posted on the CGCE Portal web site (
  • Each student must have the authority to administratively operate and maintain his/her computer that they intend to use for CGCE courses. Specifically, the student must have the authority to install software and make necessary changes to the computer configuration. This level of administrative access may be required in order to ensure that the computer is compatible with CGCE online technology. CGCE recommends that each student own a personal computer that will serve as the primary computer for use with online/hybrid courses.
  • Students are required to maintain their own personal computer and take reasonable steps to ensure computer “health.” Proactive steps may include installing and maintaining a virus protection software package. It is also recommended that students make provisions for support through your computer manufacturer or a third-party technical support service for personal computer support. Students should plan in advance for alternative or emergency computer and Internet access in the event of a personal computer failure or system error.
  • Students are required to test and prepare their personal computer system for use with CGCE course software in advance of the course start date. This can be done as part of the orientation process (see TRAINING section below for details) or during the Course Preview Week (5 days prior to the start of your Online/Hybrid course).
  • Each student must obtain his/her own reliable Internet connection outside; preferably via a residential Internet Connection supplied by a recognized Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Comcast or Verizon. Note that some employers may block or filter access to certain websites or Internet connections from within their network.
  • Students should carefully review all the requirements for their course and program of study (if applicable) and note any special or extended technical requirements.
  • Students are responsible for maintaining, protecting, and backing up all data and files related to their courses (outside of the LMS). Students are advised to maintain their own copies of all work submitted and received via the CGCE LMS. This includes graded documents that may be required at a later date for review (i.e. Portfolio or Benchmark review). Students are strongly encouraged to have a secure and reliable backup solution other than their personal computer (Writable DVD/CD media, external hard drive, flash drive, cloud storage, etc.).


CGCE’s Responsibilities

  • CGCE will provide students with technical support for technology systems that we own and/or operate. This includes CGCE web sites (including the CGCE Portal), the LMS, student GMail, Banner SIS, and other related systems and technologies. Guidance is provided to ensure student access to systems and course content within the requirements and expectations set forth by CGCE’s documented policies.
  • Technical support services will be made available to students via phone and email (using the CGCE Portal ticket system and related web site forms). More information on technical support policies and expectations is available in the Technical Support Section.
  • CGCE attempts to maintain maximum availability of its systems and services. Many services are cloud based to ensure optimal accessibility and system uptime.
  • CGCE will notify all users, including students, of planned system outages, maintenance periods, or periods of limited availability via announcements posted to the CGCE Portal web site at



  • CGCE does not provide support for computers that do not meet our minimum technology specifications as posted on the CGCE Portal at Students who use a computer or device to access CGCE online technology that does not meet the minimum posted technology specifications are advised against doing so and choose to do so AT THEIR OWN RISK.
  • Rowan University and CGCE do not provide support or technical assistance for third-party owned computers (computers for which the student is not the owner). This includes but is not restricted to computers owned by a student’s employer or a computer used at a facility such as a library, hotel, computer lab, etc. Students who use a computer that they do not own (owned by a third-party) as their primary computer for use with CGCE courses are advised against doing so and choose to do so AT THEIR OWN RISK.
  • Rowan University and CGCE do not provide support for blocked or filtered Internet connections at a student’s place of work or other third-party locations (specifically, on any Internet connection that is not provided via a residential Internet Service Provider). Students who access CGCE online course technology solely via an Internet connection that they do not own are advised against doing so and choose do so AT THEIR OWN RISK.
  • Rowan University and CGCE does not provide personal computer support beyond assistance in preparing and configuring your computer to work with CGCE provided Technology and Services. CGCE Technicians provide guidance related to computer software and settings such that student computers will operate CGCE technology properly. CGCE Technicians do not fix or repair damaged hardware, non-functioning computers, or problems that are inherent to the software locally installed on the end user’s computer.
  • Rowan University and CGCE do not retrieve student work or files from courses that have been removed and/or archived from the LMS. Student work is archived for CGCE’s internal records and will be made accessible to authorized University administration in matters of grade review or grade challenge ONLY. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.