Student Commitment

Upon registration for this course, enrolled students have made a commitment to conduct assigned coursework within the schedule and terms presented in this syllabus. Note the following requirements for online and hybrid courses:

  • Students are required to have Internet connectivity for the duration of their online or hybrid course such that they can reliably access the LMS and their online course content. CGCE does not provide off-line course materials nor does it deliver course content through any other venue or medium than that available as part of LMS.
  • Students commit to the official course section start and end dates as posted by the Rowan University registrar. Due to the complicated nature of online technology systems and the number of related systems and/or students that can be potentially impacted by changes, individual accommodations to release course content prior to the slated start date are not supported by CGCE. There are no exceptions to this policy. Students may place a request with their instructor for any special accommodations for early release or extended availability of course content within the posted start/end dates of the course.
  • Typically, there are no breaks in the course schedule to observe holidays. Students are expected to continue work over holidays and associated holiday weekends or breaks. It is acceptable for work to be due on a holiday.
  • Online and hybrid courses schedules may not coincide with the Rowan University academic calendar and traditional academic terms. Traditional breaks (i.e. Spring Break or Winter Break), may not be included in online and hybrid course schedules. Official course start and end dates can be found in the Banner Student Information System.
  • Students planning to go on travel during the offering period of their course are expected to make the necessary arrangements to have access to the online learning environment (the LMS) and related communication tools (web site, email, etc.). Students who will not have access to the system for an extended period of time may contact the instructor to request for special accommodations. Accommodations are not required and will be granted at the instructor’s discretion.
Student Commitment