Special Needs Considerations

Considerations for Taking Online or Hybrid Courses for Students with Disabilities
A student with a disability considering enrolling in an online (80% or more online content) or Hybrid (30% to 79% online content) course should first visit the RowanOnline.com web site to assist in their decision.


Prior to taking an online or hybrid course, the student should determine whether the effects of their disability would create an area of difficulty in any of the following areas:

  • Taking part in online discussions
  • Viewing online video and multi-media (i.e., Adobe Flash) postings
  • Hearing online audio/video postings
  • Comprehending written instructions
  • Effective time management to complete assignments
  • Assistive technology needs to be successful

Online course accommodations are approved on a case-by-case basis according to the student's disability and documentation. Accommodations for online and hybrid courses may vary from those needed for in-class study. If a student is unsure of their accommodation needs for an online or hybrid course, please contact John Woodruff, Coordinator of Disability Resources at (856) 256-4234 or email woodruff@rowan.edu.


Online/Hybrid Course Accommodation Procedures
The request and determination of online or hybrid course accommodations varies from those needed for in-class study. Therefore students are required to follow these Online/Hybrid Course Accommodation procedures when enrolling in an online course:

  1. Student contacts Disability resources office to request an accommodation letter to be emailed to them prior to the start of their course. If necessary, the accommodation letter will be modified to meet the needs of the student for the online/hybrid course.
  2. Student contacts professor with as much notice as possible to inform him/her of the online/hybrid course registration and disability accommodation.
  3. Online/Hybrid accommodation letters are scanned ad emailed to the student.
  4. Student emails accommodation letter to the professor.


Online Timed Test Accommodations
For students who have an accommodation of extended time on tests there may be the need for an exception with online timed tests. This usually involves modifying the rules for the exam to give the student extra minutes based on the accommodation letter.


For More Information
Academic Success Center; Disability Resources; Savitz Hall
201 Mullica Hill Road
Glassboro, NJ 08028

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