Plagiarism Prevention

As part of this course the instructor may ask students to submit written assignments to a plagiarism prevention tool. Alternately, the instructor may choose to directly submit an individual’s work to a plagiarism prevention tool at any time. If a student’s work is submitted to this tool, it will be stored in a database that is owned and operated by the company that provides this service. Students have the right to remove identifying information from their document submissions at their own discretion. Students further have the right to refuse either to submit work to the tool or have the university do so; invoking this right will not negatively impact any student’s ability to succeed in the course. Any student who does not wish to submit his/her work to the plagiarism prevention tool must notify the instructor by email within 5 days of the official course start date. For any student who objects to the use of the designated tool, the instructor has the right to use other procedures, including online services that do not archive submitted texts, to assess originality.


Rowan University has a licensing agreement with, which is an online service that checks submitted documents against a large archive of electronic texts, including web content, newspapers, magazines, journals, books and student papers. This comparison results in a plagiarism report that shows matches to existing documents and providing a “Similarity Index,” a percentage score reflecting the proportion of the content that is similar to content in the texts that were compared to the submitted document. The report is simply a comparison of the texts; it cannot evaluate the intent of the author or the significance of any similarities. For example, if the submitted document incorporates information from a source that involves the use of a great deal of technical terminology, the Plagiarism Prevention Tool will document the occurrence of this terminology in the submitted document. However, said tool cannot distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate uses of similar terminology.

Plagiarism Prevention