Development Policies Attachment for READ30540 - ADMIN & SUPV-SCHL RDG PRGMS

This policy governs the development process for all courses with a session type designation of “online” or “hybrid” offered at Rowan University.


  • Course stands for the course named in the development contract that will be delivered in an Online or Hybrid format in accordance with established specifications.
  • Developer is the individual (full-time faculty member, adjunct, or professional staff) who has agreed to fully develop the Course.
  • Instructor stands for the individual (full-time faculty member, adjunct, or professional staff) who has agreed to deliver the Course.
  • Rowan Global stands for the Division of Rowan Global Learning & Partnerships, which, in collaboration with the academic departments, is responsible for Rowan University’s online education.
  • Rowan Online is the department within Rowan Global that manages the development and delivery of online courses and technologies.


  1. The development period for a new Course consists of two phases:
    1. Course Design Phase: the period in which the core course plan and content is developed. Payment during this period (if applicable) is covered by the development contract. It begins and ends as designated on the contract.
    2. Course Instruction Phase: the period in which the course is offered to students as an online or hybrid course for the first time. Payment during this period is covered by a separate instruction contract or other agreement. It begins on the official start date of the course offering and ends on the official end date of the course.
  2. In view of 1.b, The Developer is required to teaching the Course the first time it is offered. To this end, Rowan Global will automatically assign the Developer as the instructor of record for at least one section. Under special circumstances, the Developer may be excused of this requirement with written consent from the Rowan Global V.P.’s Office. Consistent with Rowan’s practice in the assignment and reassignment of courses, after the course has been offered once, Rowan Global may or may not choose to retain the teaching services of the Developer. The Developer has also the right to refuse to teach the Course after the first time.
  3. The Developer is expected to update, amend, and improve the Course design as necessary during the Instruction Phase. The Developer must provide documentation for instructional aspects of the course that are not explicitly defined in the documented course design (such as notes regarding activities that are to take place during face-to-face class sessions for hybrid courses).
  4. In the event that the Course is undergoing significant or partial redevelopment in accordance with Rowan Global’s Online Course Redevelopment Policy (available at, the Course and all the Course materials and content therein will be considered the same as a new course undergoing development for the first time.
  5. The University acknowledges and agrees that the content and related materials (and all rights therein, including, without limitation, copyright) supplied for the Course by the Developer belong to and shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Developer. Exclusion is made for the use of the Course, its content and related materials, by Rowan University for a period of twenty-five (25) years. Other exclusions must be made explicit in the signed contract. The same exclusion will be extended to any future revisions and updates made by the Developer to the course, its content and related materials.
  6. The Developer will complete for Rowan Global the Course (with all learning materials and content, including but not limited to lectures, multimedia, syllabi, lesson plans, handouts, assessment questions and answer keys, documentation, etc., in the medium mutually agreed upon) in a form and content satisfactory to Rowan Global and on the date established in the signed contract.
  7. If the Developer fails to meet the initial, signed and agreed upon development schedule, Rowan Global reserves the right to void the signed contract and will immediately engage in seeking an alternate Developer.
  8. With the exception of short excerpts from others' works which constitute fair use and works considered in the public domain, the Course will contain no material from other copyrighted works without a written consent of the copyright holder. It is the responsibility of the Developer to obtain such consents and provide copies of any written consent to the Rowan Global for its records.
  9. The Developer acknowledges that the Course does not infringe any copyright, violate any property rights, or contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter.
  10. The Developer shall retain the right to revise the Course from time to time as needed in accordance with the Rowan Global Online & Hybrid Course Redevelopment Policy.
  11. If the Instructor of the Course is other than Developer for any given future offering of said Course, under the exclusion of item 5, Rowan Global has the right to make any necessary revisions to the Course, its content and related materials to suit the teaching style and needs of the Instructor.
  12. For the purpose of facilitating and improving the quality of course development, Rowan Global needs to show best practices to other potential Developers and to staff for training purposes. Therefore, Rowan Global intends to share the Developer’s materials and course content with other Developers, Instructors, and Rowan Global staff. Actual student information, correspondence, and related student activity will always be absent from any shared materials and course content.
  13. Developers and Instructors of online courses are compensated on a per-credit basis according to their employment status and professorial rank.
  14. Consistent with the State of New Jersey AFT Agreement, Article XXXIV, the Instructor shall receive one additional credit as compensation when teaching an online Course for the first time. This policy does not apply if Instructor is an adjunct.
  15. The Developer will be required to participate in the mandatory Rowan Global Training and Certification program, a combination of self-paced online training and real-time consultation with the Rowan Global instructional design staff. For the purpose of maintaining the Developer’s skill set and knowledge regarding online courses, the Developer may be required complete re-certification prior to instructing future course offerings.
  16. Rowan Online is composed of a group of highly qualified professionals with the main responsibility of training faculty on the online course development process and online teaching technologies. The Instructional Designer assigned to the Course will facilitate all aspects of course design and implementation, provide timely feedback to the Developer, and report overall course development progress to the University.
  17. Developers will be informed of the formal University online course design policies and procedures as well as instructional and technology standards at the beginning of the Course Design Phase. All online courses must be designed in accordance with these standards. Details of Rowan Online standards, policies, and other requirements are outlined in the Rowan Online Handbook available at and provided to all first time developers during training. Rowan Online will manage overall course development and ensure standards compliance while leaving the course subject matter content, quality, and quantity to the discretion of the Developer. Use of technologies or course content implementation outside of the University standards will require pre-approval of the Director of Rowan Online.
  18. Rowan Online will regularly collect feedback from students with regard to the quality of its technological products and services. The results of such surveys, if made public in any form, are distributed in an aggregate manner, that is, without identifying the Course or its Instructor.
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