CGCE Online & Hybrid Course Redevelopment Policy

NOTE: Information regarding development of new online or hybrid courses is available separately in the document CGCE Course Developer’s Guide.

Online and hybrid courses are developed with a life-cycle/life expectancy of 3 years. There are certain scenarios or exceptions where a course may need to undergo significant redevelopment or even full redevelopment in a timeframe shorter than the original life-cycle.


This document addresses three typical cases or scenarios for redevelopment, including a policy for payment and required lead time to allow Online Services to adequately allocate resources for development/redevelopment processes.


Courses requiring full or partial redevelopment require the Department Chair’s consent.



  • Payment is based on number of credits at the developer’s rank level.
  • Timeline refers to the amount of time expected to complete the project.
  • Lead Time refers to the minimum notice prior to the course section start date a Department needs to provide to Online Services to embark in the project.


Note that payments outlined below serve as a guideline and must be approved or negotiated between CGCE and the Department/College that manages the course.


Significant redevelopment (approx 50 % to 100% course revision)
An online or hybrid course may undergo significant redevelopment under the following circumstances:

  • Course is outdated. That is, it has been approximately 3 years since initial development (or subsequent redevelopment) took place.
  • Textbooks or required materials creating the basis for the course have changed completely or undergone significant revision.
  • Course curriculum, department requirements, and/or accreditation requirements have significantly changed.
  • Significant issues exist with the existing course design and/or content.


    • Payment – 3 Credits
    • Timeline – 3 to 6 months
    • Lead Time – 5 months


Partial redevelopment (approx 25% to 50% course revision)
An online or hybrid course may undergo partial redevelopment under the following circumstances:

  • A new full-time (FT) instructor has been assigned to the course (i.e. instructor has not been responsible for the development). The new FT instructor has identified a need to revise course materials or adjust the course to meet his/her style and preferences. This may include re-development of lecture content and changes to lesson plans (assignments).
  • Textbooks or required materials have undergone revision (i.e. new edition) requiring significant update or addition of new material, lessons, assignments, etc.


  • Payment – 1.5 Credits
  • Timeline – 2 to 4 months
  • Lead Time – 3 months


Standard Revision (approx less than 25% course revision)
An online or hybrid course may undergo a standard revision under the following circumstances:

  • Same instructor from previous course offering or new adjunct Instructor is managing minor revisions, updates, and additions to syllabus, lesson plans, assignments, lectures, and related course materials in preparation of future offering.
  • Switch of delivery method. For example, an online course is converted into a hybrid course or vice versa.


  • Payment – none
  • Timeline – 1 to 2 months
  • Lead time - 1 month
Partial redevelopment
Lead Time
Standard Revision